4 Reasons You Should Not Miss the New York NetSuite User Groups

March 2, 2017 Michelle Cronolly

don't miss the new york netsuite user group

What is the New York NetSuite User Group?

The New York NetSuite User Group provides a forum to share knowledge, best practices, and technical solutions as it pertains to the products and surrounding technologies so that members can utilize technology to improve their business.

This group is intended for users of NetSuite products that are located in the Tri-State area. In addition to hosting quarterly User Group Events, we also offer complimentary happy hours, as well as virtual training seminars.

Four Reasons Why You Should Attend the New York NetSuite User Group

  1. Gain Valuable Tips & Tricks and Best Practices to Enhance your Skill Set

    Every User Group includes a valuable Tips & Tricks presentation that will add to your skillset; which will give you a greater understanding of how the cloud ERP can help business objectives, and how you can further support your company with your newfound knowledge, and become an office hero.

  2. Learn What’s Working for Other Businesses

    The NetSuite trainings allow attendees to join together and see how this Oracle service is being used in other companies, as everyone uses their ERP differently. Attendees will learn new best practices and strategies that they can bring back to their own companies to promote greater results.

  3. Guest Speakers from NetSuite

    Learn about new and upcoming features, and new solutions that may help solve some of your problems directly from NetSuite employees. Find out what new features are coming before your co-workers or competitors, and how you can utilize them to be one step ahead of the game.

  4. Network & Mingle with Professionals & Peers

    Everyone one of our events allows for unrestricted time to network and meet with other users both within and outside your industry over complimentary food and drinks. The user groups even dedicate a special hour where attendees break into groups dependent upon their industry where they educate and learn from other users.


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