A Snapshot of Nvoicepay’s Annual Customer Survey Results

February 28, 2014 Kim Pendergrass

No more paper-based processes

In January, we reached out to 250 of our customers from banking, manufacturing, distribution, restaurants, construction, and education to ask “What are the top reasons you moved to electronic payments?”


Here are the top reasons for moving to electronic payments:

  1. Transitioning to paper-free payables
  2. Reducing AP time
  3. Earning card-based rebates

*Nvoicepay’s findings are similar to those from a 2013 survey of AP and finance professionals by Ardent Partners.

The desire to go paperless is certainly nothing new. Companies have sought to automate AP processes for decades, yet the barriers of collecting and maintaining the information required to pay vendors electronically has made staying on paper easier than automating. While learning the key reasons why our customers moved to electronic payments, you may be surprised to learn what a simple and painless process it was for them. Here is a snapshot of what they said:

Implementation: Survey participants said Nvoicepay’s implementation process was “easy” or “really easy” and they were up and running in less than 12 hours.

Easy to learn: All survey participants said it took their team only one hour to learn how to use Nvoicepay’s ePayment solution.

We are proud of these stats:

Implementing Nvoicepay takes 12 hours or less and it takes just an hour to learn how to pay invoices electronically. Once considered a pipe dream, eliminating paper-based process in accounts payable is now a reality.

Do you have experience in moving your company toward AP automation? What was the process like for you?

About the Author

Kim Pendergrass

Kim is the Director of Product Marketing at Nvoicepay. She has over 7 years of strategic marketing experience in the B2B payments space.

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