Partnering to Improve Payment Efficiency in Construction

January 30, 2018 Karla Friede

Nvoicepay recently announced an exciting new partnership with Viewpoint, the makers of Vista, a comprehensive business management software solution for the construction industry. This partnership has been a long time coming, and these three things make it great: our shared vision, values, and level of commitment.

nvoicepay partners with viewpoint

1. Shared Vision

Nvoicepay and Viewpoint have a shared vision of a more efficient world. Both of our companies are committed to removing unnecessary steps from business processes and using automation to drive down costs.

The construction industry is lagging in digitizing processes and is still burdened with manual, paper-based processes. Among other things, this results in a lot of delays paying suppliers. Viewpoint is committed to reducing or eliminating manual processes by connecting the job site to the ERP. Partnering with Nvoicepay will remove inefficiencies in the last mile of back office financial processes—the payment process. With our solution, Viewpoint’s customers will be able to pay their suppliers with a single click. This saves them time and money and directly impacts their profitability.

2. Shared Values

Viewpoint shares Nvoicepay’s core value of putting the customer first. These are not just words in their mission statement. We saw evidence they live this value in the way they structured our relationship to have the least possible impact on their customers and in how they communicated with their customers about this new partnership. Before any public communication came out, before putting out a message to all of their 1600 Vista customers, Viewpoint got on the phone to their customers to speak with them in person about what they were doing and why.

And, even though we believe Viewpoint’s customers are going to love Nvoicepay, and we’ve created an easy path forward for them by not forcing anyone to adopt the system. Customers will have a choice. I think both of these things are impressive.

3. Commitment to Partnering

Third, Viewpoint has a sincere commitment to making the relationship work. Of course, all partnerships start out with that intention, but even in the early stages of the relationship their speedy action and commitment of resources shows the depth of their sincerity.

As a fintech company, Nvoicepay moves quickly, and we're used to being the ones leading our partners and asking them to move. With Viewpoint, we have a partner that moves as quickly as we do. They’ve applied ample resources to make sure everybody in their company is aware of the partnership, its purpose, and their role in execution—another sure sign of a committed partner.

Our joint solution, as it stands now, is innovative, but over time I know together we can figure out ways to provide further value. The payments process can be the backbone for innovating in other areas that are unique to construction, including bringing new efficiency to processes around liens and waivers, progress payments, lending, supply chain financing, and more. I'm excited to begin our work together, and about what we might be able to do together in the future to make our shared corner of the world run more efficiently.


Announcing Viewpoint + Nvoicepay Partnership

With shared vision, values, and commitment, Nvoicepay and Viewpoint are together building a better future in construction management and invoice payments.

About the Author

Karla Friede

Karla Friede is Chief Executive Officer, co-founder, and member of the Board of Directors at Nvoicepay. She has over 30 years of experience in management, finance, and marketing roles in both large and early-stage companies. Karla, along with the founding team, has grown Nvoicepay into a leading B2B payment automation solution provider. Prior to founding Nvoicepay, she was President and CEO of privately held Zevez Corporation, VP of Marketing for GeoTrust (acquired by Verisign in 2006), Director of Marketing at Mentor Graphics, and part of the PBAS team at KPMG. Karla earned an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business and a BS in Accounting from the University of Idaho.

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