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Weekly Ledger 49: Top Stories in Accounting and Finance

Nvoicepay Staff Writer

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Top Stories in Accounting and Finance

Domino's is testing a self-driving car to deliver pizza — but there's a catch — Business Insider

Dominos is pioneering a whole new way to deliver pizzas. A partnership with Ford promises a future of self-driving pizza delivery vehicles instead of the traditional way of delivering customer orders. The biggest hesitation, according to Domino's President, is how customers will react to the interaction with AI and how they feel picking up the pizza at the curb instead of their front door.


Real-Time Vacations: The Instant Gratification Of Fintech — Forbes

Madhvi Mavadiya @MadhviMavadiya for Forbes covers how fintech is changing customer expectations for the speed of service when booking trips abroad. Fintech apps, making the availability and movement of money faster (and easier) than ever before, are delivering transparency to foreign exchange rates. A good example is WeSwap, a card compatible with multiple currencies that lets you lock in the rate of currency before purchases are made rather than after.


College accounting enrollment continues at historic pace — Journal of Accountancy

Enrollment in undergraduate accounting programs remains high according to a recent AICPA survey. Bachelor enrollments in accounting programs are up 5 percent from 2014 to 2015 which indicates a growing and stable interest in the occupation as a profession. To accounting's credit as a career choice, unemployment rates in the field have remained low, even during tough economic times.


Preparing Tomorrow's Auditors for the Future of Tech-Driven Accounting — Forbes

The accountant of the future will do far more than number crunching, and savvy professionals want to be prepared. Staying competitive in a job market that lends itself increasingly to automation means one thing: staying strategic. This means auditors and accountants should take opportunities to increase communication skills, proficiency in data analytics, and developing strategies to guide the overall direction of businesses (something robots have yet to accomplish).


Hain Celestial CEO: “I went through a year of hell" during accounting probe — CNBC

Elizabeth Gurdus for CNBC @lizzygurdus covers the tense audit of the health foods company that had CEO Irwin Simon on the edge of his seat. The probe found no financial wrongdoing, but set the company back significantly in stock value. Despite the audit, Simon claims the company is pressing forward with renewed focus and a 50 million dollar investment aimed at engaging millennial consumers.