Weekly Ledger 51: Top Stories in Accounting and Finance

October 3, 2017 Nvoicepay Staff Writer

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Top Stories in Accounting and Finance

Five Common Workflow Problems—And How To Solve Them — Forbes

Stymied workflow processes got you down? One IDC research study suggests that 20 to 30 percent of business revenue is lost per year due to common sources of inefficiency. From automating invoice processing to curbing meetings that never end, get some great ideas to level up outdated office technology and processes from Teresa Meek (@teresapmeek) for Forbes.


Square Strikes Payment-Processing Deal with Eventbrite — Bloomberg

Selina Wang (@Selina_y_wang) for Bloomberg covers the details of how ticketing platform Eventbrite will now use Square for payment processing. Square, the company that enables food trucks and other smaller vendors to process credit card payments through their smart phone, will be the primary provider for online and mobile payments for Eventbrite. Eventbrite estimates it processes 2 to 3 million tickets each week and will facilitate more than $4 billion in gross sales this year.


PwC Reveals 5 Crucial Characteristics of Auditors — Accounting Today

PriceWaterhouseCoopers is celebrating the professions of auditors across the globe with the #auditorproud movement. Learn the five essential attributes of the best auditors from Maria Moats (@Maria_Moats) including: objectivity, teamwork, and technical know-how. Each characteristic has a corresponding YouTube video of real auditors to embody the concept.


Big Four Accounting Firm Deloitte Confirms Cyber Attack — Forbes

Deloitte joins the likes of Equifax as the latest high-profile company to get hacked. The financial consultancy firm's announcement lacked detail but signified that the attack targeted vulnerabilities in email. The source of the hack, as well as clients affected, is unconfirmed, though the nature of the hack seems to suggest corporate clients were in the crosshairs rather than individuals.


Accounting Leaders Tap Technology as a Top Concern — Accounting Today

Daniel Hood (@AccountingEdit) takes a reading on the accounting industry's receptivity to sweeping changes introduced by technology such as AI and automation. Accountants have experienced the disruption as a mixed bag, from feelings of apprehension to excitement. Grant Thornton CEO Mike McGuire shares how he sees the accounting of the future: “With every technological advancement, our work becomes less about rote accounting tasks, and more about solving business problems, mitigating risks and creating solutions in a complex and changing world."

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