Customer Story: Hill & Wilkinson

July 8, 2019

After spending five decades becoming a construction industry leader, Hill & Wilkinson faced multiple challenges related to their paper-based AP process. Instead of having to hire an FTE to stuff envelopes and mail checks, and risking more costly check fraud incidents, they chose automate their payments with Nvoicepay. The results? Hill & Wilkinson have streamlined their processes, saving 20% of their annual staff time and 90 cents in costs for each check they used to write.

"Technology is constantly improving. It's our job as CFOs to constantly look and measure what's out there. Nvoicepay's automation helps give back 20% of our AP staff's time so they can focus on other valuable strategic tasks."

Cyndi Amador, CFO | Hill & Wilkinson

Read the one-page customer success story for Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors above, or watch our webinar with Cyndi Amador to see how Hill & Wilkinson leveraged ePayments for greater profitability.

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