Kuni has saved money on check printing, bank fees for check processing, and storage. In addition, the company is averaging about $15,000 a month in AP card rebates for paying its typical supplier invoices.


Kuni Automotive is a luxury auto dealership with multiple locations in Oregon, Washington, California, and Colorado. Recently, it made an acquisition that increased its size by 30 percent to become a billion dollar company. Kuni was now poised to take advantage of new economies of scale—but first, the company had to integrate its acquisitions

Centralizing accounting was a top priority. After much research and planning, Kuni embarked on a project to move transactional accounting out of individual dealerships to corporate headquarters in Vancouver, WA without sacrificing the level of internal customer service to each dealership. The project would involve moving all 15 dealerships onto the same dealer management system and centralizing payroll and benefits.

Verna Daly, a 17-year auto industry veteran, came on board at Kuni to rebuild the accounting program. Quickly, she identified a glaring pain point: paper-based payments. “When you purchase a vehicle, nowadays it feels like almost as much paperwork as when you buy a house,” Daly said. Dealerships mailed or scanned invoices, but they still had to be printed out at corporate because every check had to have paper backup. The paper problem accelerated so quickly, Kuni filled an entire storage unit with checks and invoices. Daly recalled, “One summer I even hired a team of college student temps and had them scan it into our workflow software.”

Despite her best efforts to manage it manually, the problem persisted. The centralized accounting office posted 15,000 invoices a month, each one requiring a paper check with dual signatures for payments. This added up to 90,000 paper checks a year for the company’s nine approved signers to manage. Signing checks weekly become impossible, so they signed checks daily, dedicating about four hours a day to the task

“That was one of my biggest pain points and the biggest focus of bringing in technology,” Verna said. After seeing a demo of Nvoicepay, she decided to make the switch...