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Keep up with company growth

As every automotive dealership knows, acquisitions can strain resources. Keeping pace with demand is vital to your company’s success; this applies to payables as much as any other aspect of business.

Kuni shifted to paperless supplier payments in its accounts payable process, saving the company 16 hours per week and countless dollars in check printing, bank fees, and document storage expenses.

Kuni Automotive's Challenges:

  • 15,000 invoices posted each month paid by 90,000 paper checks per year
  • 9 check signers spending 4 hours each day, totaling 180 hours per week
  • 15 dealerships merged into one DMS

See How Kuni Automotive Overcame Their AP Challenges With Nvoicepay


"Now, we don't field as many calls on payments. We can go straight to Nvoicepay."

Verna Daly | Accounting Specialist