Case Study: Kuni Automotive

February 24, 2017

Kuni Automotive is a luxury auto dealership with multiple locations in Oregon, Washington, California, and Colorado. When an acquisition increased its size by 30 percent and made Kuni a billion-dollar company, its AP team filled an entire storage unit with checks and invoices before hiring a team of temps to manually scan the documents into Kuni's workflow software. By the time that nine approvers were spending four hours each day signing checks, Kuni knew it had reached the breaking point.

With AP Assist--Nvoicepay's integrated solution for auto dealers on CDK Drive--Kuni has completely transformed its payment process. The AP staff only spends one hour per week paying vendors, and the number of check signers has been cut in half.

"We don't field as many calls on payments; we can go straight to Nvoicepay."

Verna Daly, Accounting Specialist | Kuni Automotive

Read or download Kuni Automotive's full success story above.

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