Case Study: TEC Equipment

June 1, 2017

TEC Equipment is a full-service truck and trailer dealership in the Pacific Northwest. When TEC Equipment expanded by acquiring three new branches, the operational side of the business struggled to keep up. AP clerks performed manual check runs each month by moving ~500 checks between physical locations for up to five approvers to sign. The challenges were massive in both cost and logistics.

Automating payments with Nvoicepay enabled TEC Equipment to create an efficient, cost-effective AP process that relieves much of the previous burden on both AP staff and payment approvers.

"Our accounts payable team loves Nvoicepay. They are so delighted that they don't have to cart around large boxes of paper anymore."

Gina Walker, CFO | TEC Equipment

Read their success story above, or watch TEC Equipment's customer testimonial video.

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